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Spiritual Mechanics 501 is a true reflection of God’s original and consistent desire that all souls progress spiritually. It is the meat that defines true Christianity based on the teachings that Jesus Christ taught and modeled.

With Spiritual Mechanics 501, you get the power to switch from just knowing good and evil to knowing the real Tree of Life. Instead of seeking for someone to give you fish, you’ll learn how to source the fish!

Too many people are satisfied soon with too little.


Why Get Spiritual Mechanics 501?

Why Get

Spiritual Mechanics 501?

Offers Fresh, Refreshing Perceptions on Divine Spiritual Principles

Without a doubt, Spiritual Mechanics 501 offers factual spiritual principles based on the teachings of Jesus. You’ll learn about relevant issues that have significant relevance spiritually to all.

Intellectually Stimulating

As you go page after page of Spiritual Mechanics 501, you’ll learn various dimensions of how you view simple things. In fact, you’ll realize that you are just as wise as the brainy people you admire.

Widen Your Focus in Life

Instead of focusing narrowly in different areas of your life, you’ll get the tools and deeper knowledge to make a change. It will be like facing life and dealing with issues from a different perspective.

Mature Spiritually

While reading Spiritual Mechanics 501, it will awaken your awareness about who you really are. You’ll begin to function as an autonomous being focused on fulfilling the purpose of your creation.
Instead of living in the carnal, devilish, dependent and powerless ‘milk level’ Christianity, you live as gods. This is in accordance with what Jesus said, ‘Ye are gods’.

Get a Deeper Understanding of Spiritual Laws used by Jesus in performing miracles

As you go through the pages, you’ll see relevant scientific discoveries that are in line with human spiritual maturation. You’ll be able to understand every spiritual law that Jesus applied while performing miracles.

Too many people are satisfied soon with too little.


About Joe Zug

A resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, Joe Zug is a writer and an Heirloom Tomato farmer. Joe’s transition to spirituality is a result of his traditional as well as non-traditional religious backgrounds.
Original Workshops
• How To Think And Study
• 30 Principles Of Intelligence For Strategic and Creative thinking
• How To Read People (Right-Brain/Left-Brain)
• Mayan Calendar Messages
• 43 Questions: Tools of the Mind
• The Law Of Attraction
• Spiritual Mechanics 501
Joe Zug was previously a teacher in various universities in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas & Utah where he taught students the following:
• Accounting
• Business Law
• Marketing & Management
Also, Joe presented nationwide seminars to accountants about managing people.
Additionally, Joe published “The Outside-The-Box Newsletter” which became the basis of his spiritual trilogy journey. Also, the 30 Principles of Intelligence that he discovered while teaching accounting played a huge role in his spiritual journey. Joe’s ( ) spiritual background has enabled him to help those familiar with the scriptures who yet remain spiritually hungry. Though most of his explanations have a scriptural base, his deep interest in science and quantum physics also contributes to his ideas.
Indeed, Joe Zug provides the best alternatives to counter the negativities and confusion about God’s nature, man and how they relate.

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Publications & Services

Book Store

Joe Zug has authored 7 amazing books/booklets that will boost your spiritual and mental health, the most recent being the trilogy Spiritual Mechanics 501. They are now available in this book store:


The 3-book Trilogy Spiritual Mechanics 501

Price: 16.00

Spiritual Mechanics 501 is a representation of God’s original and positive plans to boost the spiritual progression of your soul. If you are struggling with negativities and confusion about God’s nature, man, and how they relate, this is the best book for you.

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The “Meat” level Principles of True Christianity- Book 1

Price: $6.00

Christ’s 23 “Meat” Level Principles of True Christianity details the higher-doctrine or “meat” level explanations of the 23 Spiritual Principles that Jesus taught and modeled.
Each of these Principles transcend the level at which they are traditionally taught in Christianity.

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God’s Prime Directive: Oneness- Book 2

Price: $6.00

This is an Inspiring Insight into the True Atonement Process.
Mankind is expected to follow the Principles in Book 1 and create “Oneness on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

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The Cosmic Context for the “Meat” Level Principles of True Christianity-Book 3

Price: $6.00

(Book Three) lists and explains the Cosmic, space-time-and-beyond laws that govern throughout the realms of “All-That-Is”. Book 3 provides a comprehensive context for the contents of Books 1 and 2.

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How to Read

Price: $5.00

A booklet that empowers you to quickly “know before whom you stand.” It enables you to recognize the ever-present, left brain/right brain clues found in others’ facial features, body styles, body language, spoken language, clothing, hair styles and office appearance. That knowledge and ability will empower you to interact more productively with others in all aspects of your life. This book details some brand new, yet easily detected clues, that are more revealing than any of those previously known.

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Zugisms: Truths as Tools for Personal Growth

Price: $6.00

A book of 777 crisp, original, quotable comments in 45 classifications that are based on the experiences and observations of the author, Joe Zug. Fresh perceptions, profound principles, inspiring ideas, motivating maxims, tools for isolating truths, significant insights into human behavior, thoughts squeezed until only truth remains, quotations to consider at the crossroads in your life.

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30 Principles of

Price: $5.00

A booklet presenting 30 specific, mental principles or laws. Focuses on increasing one’s mental ability “to acquire and apply knowledge.” Taps the flexible capacity of the mind for understanding. Profound, original, effective, simple, principles-based, values-driven, skills-centered, life-changing. It is valuable for anyone who seeks “to increase their intelligence.” For strategic and creative thinking both inside and outside the box.

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Speaking Engagements, Workshops & Webinars

Besides having great books that will boost your relationship with God, Joe also takes up speaking engagements and workshops. From keynote meetings, panel discussions, workshop sessions or roundtables, Joe can handle it.
And so you get the most in every engagement, we’ll tailor the sessions to meet the unique needs of the audience.

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Are you planning to hold an online presentation, meeting, and more? Well, you can count on Joe to provide exciting, educative, and fun sessions for your team.
To schedule your webinar, give us a call or send us a message using the contact form on our website.

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What past Participants said about Joe Zug and His Presentations:

“…Thank you so very much for giving me a quantum leap into a freedom in thinking.”
“You have been one of the most exciting teachers I have ever heard and so very motivating – my mind has truly been expanded.”
“Very informative. Good practical application and knowledge of subject. Good analogies used. Good sense of humor.”
“Wonderful insights! Brought to my conscious awareness things I can now use with purposeful direction instead of intuition. Very powerful tools and techniques.”
“Joe has a captivating personality and manner of presentation. He seems so very sincere and is so careful to make sure we understand before going on. Thank you so much for helping me.”
“Your ideas have opened up new vistas and I look forward to future seminars or books you may write. I could not believe I received all the information I did yesterday.”
“Very stimulating to my intellect. I learned different dimensions of looking at simple things.
I realized I am as intelligent as people I admire (for their brainpower).”
“I appreciate the specific direction of the seminar – ‘how to’ was most valuable.”
“One of the most valuable ideas to me is to look at things from a different angle.  Also other very useful information.”
“This has been really great training.  Great presentation of some brand new and original thinking.  Thanks so much.”
“These principles make so much sense and it is refreshing to learn of a new approach.  An excellent presentation.”
“…Thank you so much for exposing me to these beautiful tools.”
“I’ve known for a long time that I have a narrow focus in many areas of life and feel this seminar has given me the tools and knowledge needed to make a great deal of improvement.”
“I am going away with ideas for tools I know I have – now I know what they’re for and how to sharpen them.”
“I always appreciate simplicity.  Well prepared.  Well taught.”

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Spiritual Mechanics 501 is not only an interesting read… it is the beginning of a higher spiritual journey. The key to a fulfilling relationship with God.
Joe Zug will inspire you to become better and challenge you to do what you previously thought was impossible.

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